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Political Risk

Political decisions affect various aspects of business, including taxes, regulations, funding, trade agreements, energy policy, etc.

We identify the impacts of political and regulatory changes on business and government-regulated sectors for clients in various industries. We are experts on the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

We gather relevant information

We define the research questions based on our client’s individual needs. We identify political risks using OSINT and HUMINT techniques, analysing a wide selection of open information sources and working with tried and trusted local experts.

We put the information into context

We assess the identified risks and list potential future scenarios and their most likely consequences in a comprehensive report.

We inform about regional developments

We continuously monitor the individual political spheres in the region. We regularly update our clients about the current developments in legislatures and executive branches, and personal ties in politics, government, business and the media.

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Monitoring political stability

We follow major developments in Central and Eastern Europe and evaluate their likely impacts on politics, political stability and business in the region.

We monitor elections, sector regulations, government stability, legislative reform, energy transformation, geopolitical risks, and more.

We analyse the information, draft potential scenarios and evaluate their likely impacts on various industries. We deliver comprehensive, actionable reports.


Reporting on regulated sectors

We analyse the impact of political and regulatory changes on business and investments. We focus on sectors, that are directly or indirectly government or EU regulated, e.g. energy, transport, telecommunication and healthcare.


What key challenges and opportunities do these sectors present for companies and investors? How do they reckon with policy changes? How are they prepared for future trends and risks, such as environmental issues, demographical changes or global shocks?

We provide information on investment opportunities and the potential of individual sectors, as well as their weaknesses and threats.


Assessing the impact of the war in Ukraine on political stability

We prepared multiple probabilistic scenarios with corresponding signposts which could be triggered by a specific development of the war in Ukraine.


Having elaborated on each scenario, we then moved on to assess the impacts each would have on one of the countries in the CEE region and on doing business in the area. We addressed oft-repeated client questions: How likely is the scenario given the country’s political and military planning? How well prepared for the scenario is the country? And what impact would it have on the country’s political stability and security?


The client was then able to account for the most likely outcomes in their strategy, ensuring greater flexibility and preparedness for the future. 


Political Risk


Non-financial Due Diligence

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