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Princeps Executive Club

The PRINCEPS Executive Club is a sought-after meeting space for risk intellingence professionals, business leaders, and policy experts. Given the tumultuous developments in Eastern Europe, the PRINCEPS Executive Club seeks to bring together regional decision-makers to contribute to regional prosperity and stability. Instead of a conference-like discussion, the Club offers opportunities for engaging debates wherein decision makers can openly exchange thoughts and opinions.

Our guests address topics as diverse as business, philosophy, politics, and professional development.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at


Affordability and Security of Central European Energy Supplies

The Club meeting in Warsaw brought together leading experts, businessmen, and policymakers from the energy industry in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary.


The Club event interwoven with open discussions about the competing visions for secure and accessible energy in the region of Central Europe was concluded over dinner.


That’s what the Princeps Executive Club is all about; creating a space to exchange thoughts and build long-term professional connections in an informal atmosphere.

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