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Our Story

Martin Synkule and Filip Scherf founded PRINCEPS Advisory in 2021. Their vision was clear: to introduce the CEE region to professional risk intelligence. But at the same time, they wanted more than just a consultancy.


It was the height of the covid-19 pandemic. A time full of uncertainty, fear and misinformation revealed the intricate ties between politics, the economy and security. These risks inspired Martin and Filip. In an uncertain time, they were certain they knew how to use information to bring some order to the surrounding chaos.


PRINCEPS Advisory was founded after months of discussions and planning. The founders decided to apply years of academic and professional experience from the USA and the UK, Belgium and Eastern Europe in the place they both call home: Prague, Central Europe. 


Now PRINCEPS applies Martin and Filip’s risk intelligence expertise using world-class methods in cooperation with a growing team of analysts. The international network of PRINCEPS experts works throughout the European Union, the UK, the USA and Ukraine. Together, they help a wide group of clients from the private and public sectors make well-informed decisions.


Two passionate readers share their favourite books and stories from their studies and numerous travels in the library of their offices in the historic centre of Prague with the members of the Princeps Executive Club. The club is a meeting place for figures from academia, politics, as well as the arts. The wider public can learn more about the methods and ethics of risk intelligence via the publications and activities of the new think-tank, the Princeps Risk Intelligence Institute (PRII).


Today, PRINCEPS is a community of people interested in politics, the economy and security. Here, you can meet experts, academics, politicians and artists, and access high-quality and independent information, which helps people make the right decisions. 

Join us in our quest for excellence.




Our mission is the delivery of exceptional risk intelligence work, which will help build a prosperous Central and Eastern Europe.

It is our goal to make risk intelligence a standard component of the decision-making processes of companies, private and public institutions.

We believe risk intelligence reduces reputational, financial and human risks. It cultivates the business environment. It contributes to responsible decision-making.

We are based in Prague, but we are experts on the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe. We work with the newest OSINT and HUMINT technologies and a network of top experts located throughout the region. 

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Our values

We value mutual trust

As a reliable partner in complex situations, we protect the safety of our clients' information. We use modern encryption technology.

We are professional

We employ top experts, technology and tools to provide our clients with bespoke risk intelligence services.  We react to the shifting situation. We support our client for the entire duration of the project.

We provide ethical risk intelligence services

Our proficiency in open source (OSINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT) processes allows us to secure information ethically and transparently.


We remain

We, too, have our opinions on current events. We stick to the facts. Our beliefs do not impact our work. Deeply understanding the opinions and needs of our clients is key. 

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