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Our Story

Princeps Advisory was founded in 2021 by Martin Synkule and Filip Scherf to set the standard of risk intelligence services in Central and Eastern Europe – a transparent, professional, and systematic way of working with information.


United by our shared academic and professional experiences in the risk intelligence industry in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and in Central Europe, we formed a vision of bringing the best industry practices to our Czech homeland and to the wider CEE region.

In their search for understanding, every client brings us a new puzzle - and we are always ready to step up to the challenge. We are doing the work we love and strive to excel in it.


With headquarters in Prague and an ever-growing network of experts and contacts throughout the entire regon, we provide valuable and tailored insights to clients across various sectors and fields, navigating the delicate intersection between business and politics.

Join us in our quest for excellence.




PRINCEPS Advisory’s mission is to contribute to building a stronger and more prosperous Central and Eastern Europe through the pursuit of excellence in risk intelligence.


We aspire to meet our clients’ needs with bespoke services and specially tailored insights by combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise.

We believe that access to robust intelligence mitigates risks of reputational, financial, and human costs of doing business. We are passionate about strengthening the business environment in the CEE region by providing our clients with the necessary tools to make well-informed decisions. 

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Our Values

We treat trust as the most precious comodity

We are here to assist our clients in complex situations. We appreciate the trust they place in us, treat all of their information as strictly confidential, and handle it with utmost care.


We let our clients’ needs drive the process

Gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs is essential to our work and achieving the best results. We remain at the client’s disposal throughout the entire project to provide expertly tailored insights.

We uphold the highest level of professionalism

We employ top experts in our field and utilize cutting-edge technology and tools necessary to deliver bespoke risk intelligence services, providing our clients with the information they need to succeed.

We are the answer to risk intelligence in the CEE region

We make it our mission to provide top-quality risk intelligence services in the CEE region. With headquarters in Prague, and specialized professionals operating throughout the region, we provide the answers in high-stakes situations within Central and Eastern Europe.

We provide ethically driven risk intelligence services

Transparency is key. Our masterful grasp of open source intelligence and human intelligence allows us to ethically acquire information concerning the delicate intersection of business and politics.

Impartiality is at the core
of our activities

As any human being, we have our own opinions on various topics and closely follow current events as their knowledge is indispensable to our field. However, we emphasize impartiality, focus on facts and prohibit our attitudes to influence our work.  

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