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Senior Advisor Kristen Andrasko: “Information overload is a massive challenge for today’s decision-makers”

Princeps’ Senior Advisor and finance sector professional Kristen Andrasko has 25 years of experience working with international banks and investment funds. Continue reading for her take on investment challenges, the renaissance of the CEE, and the potential of risk intelligence.

Why did you agree to become a Senior board member of Princeps Advisory?

Princeps is an exciting company in an exciting space. The risk intelligence domain is growing in importance, as we've all had occasion to read about.  I've observed this first-hand.  Investors and company leaders that I've been working with for decades are increasingly seeking alternative ways to dig deep into the markets where they invest. 

I first discovered Princeps through their event featuring Professor Jan Svejnar.  Princeps works on many levels to shine a spotlight on the risk intelligence discipline, and they have an amazing network of thought leaders they seek to share.  

I see immense potential for Princeps Advisory’s bespoke work - in non-financial due diligence, and market risk assessments - to help investment decision-makers. Connecting these decision-makers with Princeps will be gratifying, and also fun.

You have a long career in the finance sector, with a consistent through-line of analysis and strategy. What are some of the key takeaways from your work in this domain?

I've had the great fortune to work with many talented people doing exceptional analytical work for money managers and policy-makers, helping them make sound investment decisions.  Context is key I would say.   When the analyst understands the objectives of the client - really focuses on what the client is seeking to achieve - then the analyst becomes a strategist.  And the working relationship becomes very valuable to both parties.

Your experience spans the US, the UK, and the CEE region. What makes the CEE financial markets region distinct and what are some things to keep in mind when looking at this region?

There was enormous excitement in the early, often chaotic, years of the CEE financial markets.  Now stakeholders in some of these markets are reflecting on how to re-energize them, to attract fresh interest and liquidity. 

The region's relationship to foreign investment is central to this re-assessment. There is a renaissance happening, as locally-based entrepreneurs develop world-class products.  The region is very strong in IT development and, increasingly, in services. We see more intra-regional M&A alongside the traditional 'West buys East', and more CEE companies becoming product leaders globally. The entrepreneurs of today are naturally thoughtful about the future of their companies.  Investors looking at this region should be aware of this evolving dynamic and ready to engage thoughtfully too.   

What do you think are the challenges facing the risk intelligence and financial sectors in the CEE? 

It has been much spoken of, but information overload is a massive challenge for today's decision-makers. Whether you're working to shape governmental policy or to shape your business strategy, you will be bombarded with incoming views related - and often quite unrelated! - to the task.   

The risk intelligence domain, and many areas of the financial sector, can offer extremely pertinent and valuable guidance to decision-makers.  The challenge is to cut through the noise and convince those shaping change that the intelligence being offered is relevant, is tailored to their needs, and is also affordable. Princeps Advisory delivers this, and has become a trusted partner of many who seek to scratch the surface within the CEE region.   

Princeps Advisory delivers relevant, bespoke and affordable intelligence, and has become a trusted partner of many who seek to scratch the surface within the CEE region. 

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