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Non-financial Due Diligence

In high-stakes situations, nothing should be left to chance.

We gather and assess information, providing our clients with a complex understanding of the individuals and organisations they plan to engage. Non-financial due diligence services protect clients‘:


  • reputation

  • investments and partnerships

  • acquisitions

  • entrance into new and unknown markets

  • when expanding their team or leadership

We design tailor-made due diligence

We meet up with the client to assess their specific needs. Based on this, we design the appropriate non-financial due diligence service and the plan for their realisation.

We conduct online and offline research

We search the depths of the digital world – registers, the media, social media networks, the dark web and other sources. We verify the information using our trustworthy sources in the relevant sectors.

We show you how to utilise the information

We submit all our findings in a comprehensive report. During a personal consultation, we then explain our methodology, conclusions and recommendations, as well as possible future scenarios.

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Business Integrity

We evaluate the transparency of the subject’s business transactions and its potential involvement in illegal commercial practices.


Investing in the pharmaceutical sector

A multinational corporation tasked us with assessing the reputation of the CEE pharmaceutical company it was about to invest in.


We focused on determining whether the company was involved in corrupt practices or a conflict of interest with politicians or civil servants. We simultaneously analysed the situation inside the company, unveiled the leadership strategy, and potential reputational risks and prepared scenarios for foreign expansions and acquisitions.

For more details, click here for the full case study.


Political Risk


Non-financial Due Diligence

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